Clair Brothers C12 Set


Clair Brothers C12 set includes:
16 Clair Brothers C12-M-90, Line array module, 3-way active
4 Clair Brothers C12-Dolly, Dolly for C12-M-90
4 Clair Brothers C12-M-SOFT COVER, Cover for C12 Dolly
2 Clair Brothers C12-Top Grid, Flying Frame for C12-M-90
2 Clair Brothers C12-PBSG, Pull back for C12 in ground stack
2 Clair Brothers C12 PBF, Pull back for C12
2 Clair Brothers PBSG-LA KIT
1 cabling set
from May 2019
Very good condition, second hand

89.900,-€ net set price
We can split the system and we can provide any quantity of these 16 pcs.

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