Buyer Terms & Conditions / Privacy Policy


  • PA Audio refers to Dimitrios Peinirtzis, located at Poststrasse 2, 56427 Siershahn, Germany.
  • Customer is the person, firm, partnership, company, or other legal entity purchasing Equipment from PA Audio.
  • Seller is the entity selling Equipment to PA Audio.
  • Supplier is the entity selling Equipment to PA Audio.

Buyer Terms & Conditions:


  • PA Audio accepts full payment in advance or 50% in advance and 50% cash upon pick-up by self-collectors.
  • Payment must be made in Euros.
  • Prices are net, excluding 19% VAT for German customers or EC customers without a valid VAT ID number.
  • Prices exclude freight costs.
  • Import duties are not included for customers importing products.
  • For third-country (non-EU) customers who self-collect or choose their own forwarder, PA Audio charges 19% VAT, refundable upon export declaration.
  • Ownership of equipment remains with PA Audio until full payment is received.


  • Information about products (e.g., age, condition) is based on supplier data and not guaranteed by PA Audio.
  • PA Audio ensures all products are in 100% full technical condition; age and hours are not grounds for replacement if the item is working correctly.
  • Serial numbers are provided upon request.


  • No guarantee is provided by PA Audio unless specified by the pre-owner.
  • Customers may inquire about guarantees prior to purchase.
  • In case of faults, customers have 4 days post-receipt to report issues, unless otherwise agreed.
  • New equipment comes with the manufacturer’s guarantee.
  • Customers are responsible for return shipping in guarantee cases.
  • PA Audio is not liable for damage during shipping.

Seller Terms & Conditions:

  • Sellers provide PA Audio with a 15% commission on the final price.
  • Equipment must be in good condition, without labels or company tickets, clean, and serviced.
  • Sellers are responsible for discrepancies in product descriptions and condition.
  • Sellers cover all service costs and necessary spare parts, including shipping.
  • Sellers must provide realistic information and original pictures of their equipment.
  • Sellers must inform PA Audio of any condition changes or availability issues.

Privacy Policy:

Data Collection:

  • Who: Dimitrios Peinirtzis-PA Audio, Poststrasse 2, 56427 Siershahn, Germany.
  • What: Storage of access data in server log files without collecting personal information, ensuring website operation. Personal data collected during order placements or inquiries, as specified on input forms.

Data Usage:

  • Contract Execution: Personal data is used to fulfill contracts and process inquiries.
  • Newsletter: With consent, personal data is used to send newsletters, with an easy unsubscribe option.
  • Cookies: Used to enhance website functionality and user experience.
  • Google Analytics: Used for web analytics with anonymized IP addresses; users can opt-out via browser plugin.

Data Sharing:

  • Necessary for contract fulfillment, data may be shared with shipping companies for order delivery.


  • Individuals have rights to information, correction, blocking, or anonymization of their personal data, with contact details provided for direct inquiries.


  • Dimitrios Peinirtzis, Poststrasse 2, D-56427 Siershahn, Germany.
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Website:
  • Phone: +49(0)1706574559
  • Tax no: 30 127 42363
  • VAT: DE286333398
  • Bank: Westerwald Bank, IBAN: DE17573918000005818303, BIC: GENODEWW1