Electro-Voice X2 turnkey set


Electro-Voice turnkey set includes:
-18x X2-212/90
-3x dolly with full cover for TOPS
-12x X12-128
-6x dolly with top cover for SUBS ( 5x used and one more dolly with top cover is in the original box )
-4x AMP RACK ( 4x TG7 + 4x RCM-28  with special original wiring )
-2x EV Pull Up Bottom Grid X1/X2 Modules
-2x EV Compact Grid X1/X2 Modules ( Most used frames for us )
-2x EV Extended Grid X1/X2 Modules
-1x Full cabling set,
The system is plug&play.
very good condition, second hand
114.000,-€ net setprice
Very Good

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