Adamson e15, e119, LAB PLM20K set


8 x Adamson e15 true line source elements 2×15″/2×7″ Kevlar/2×2″ HxV = 90×6°
2 x Adamson e15 wheel dolly for 4 x e15
2 x Adamson e15dc dust cover for 4 x e15
2 x Adamson Mainframe rigging grid
8 x Adamson e119 bassextender 1×19″ Kevlar speaker
4 x Adamson e119 wheel dolly for 2 x e119
4 x Adamson e119dc dust cover for 2 x e119
1x Ampracks each with 3 x LAB Gruppen PLM 20K 4ch. amplifier with DSP
1 x LAB Gruppen PLM 20K amplifier/DSP
Perfect condition, from 2016,
120.000,-€ net setprice

Very Good

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